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  • 新概念英语核心单词全解(8) spare


    ❶谚语Spare the rod and spoil the child. 句中spare.词义是什么?翻译于后。

    ❷《新概念英语》第二册Lesson5课文原句Up to now, Mr.Scott has sent a great many requests for spare parts and other urgent messages from one garage to the other.到目前为止,史葛先生发送了大量索取备件的信件和其他紧急信息从一个地方到另一。


    Ⅰ. spare [speə] 基础词义双解及用法举例。spare基本词义主要有: 抽出,匀出,饶恕,不遗余力,不用的,闲置的,备用的,外加的,备用品,备用轮胎,多余的,空闲的,节约

    1. spare n.备用品 [C] an extra thing which is not being used and which can be used instead of a part which is broken, lost, etc.

    (汽车或其他设备的)备件,配件 [C usually plural通常都是用复数] a piece that can be used to replace another similar piece in a car or other device

    2. spare adj. 额外的,备用的;多余的If something is spare, it is available to use because it is extra

    1. a spare key/tyre备用钥匙/轮胎
    2. spare sheets and blankets多余的床单和毛毯
    3. Have you got a spare pen?你有多余的笔吗?
    4. We’ve got a spare room if you want to stay overnight with us.要是你想在我们这里过夜的话,我们有一个空房间。
    5. —Do you want this cake?—Yes, if it’s going spare (= if no one else wants it).你要这块蛋糕吗?如果没有别人要,就给我吧。

    3.spare adj.空闲的,spare time空闲时间, time when you are not working

    1. I like to do a bit of gardening in my spare time. 我业余时间喜欢搞点园艺。
    2. Could I have a word with you when you’ve got a spare moment/minute? 如果你有时间,我能否和你谈两句?

    4. to spare v. 抽出,匀出,留出;匀出to make sth such as time or money available to sb or for sth, especially when it requires an effort for you to do this.

    ①Five minutes is all that I can spare for you.五分钟是我能给你的最长时间了。

    ②If you can spare a week or two, pack your bag because September will be your best month to go. 如果你能留出一到两周,整理好你的行李,9月是最好的时机。

    5. spare v. [T](尤指在自己困难的情况下)给,抽出,拨出,匀出, to give time or space to someone especially when it is difficult for you

    spare + two objects]

    1. Could you spare me 100 yuan?你能匀给我100元吗?
    2. I’d love to come, but I’m afraid I can’t spare the time.我很想来,但恐怕没时间。

    6. spare剩下,多余 meaning left over or more than you need

    1. If you’ve got any wool to spare when you’ve finished the pullover, can you make me some gloves? 如果你织完毛衣套衫还剩下毛线的话,可以给我织副手套吗?
    2. I caught the plane with only two minutes to spare. 我赶上飞机时距离起飞只剩两分钟了。
    3. There’s no time/We’ve got no time to spare if we want to get the article written by tomorrow. 如果我们想明天就把这篇文章写完,那么就没剩多少时间了。

    Ⅱ. Spare熟词生义

    1. spare adj.瘦高的,瘦长的 literary tall and thin

    He had the spare build of a runner.他有着赛跑运动员的瘦长体型。

    2. spare adj.简朴的,未装饰的 literary usually approving plain and not decorated

    The interior is spare, almost minimalist.内部是简朴的,几乎是最简单的。

    3. spare v. SAVE 拯救;饶恕;不伤害;不毁坏 [及物动词T] to not hurt or destroy something or someone

    They asked him to spare the women and children.他们要他放过妇女和儿童。

    4. spare v. AVOID 避免; 使避免,使免遭 [spare + 跟双宾语two objects] to prevent someone from having to experience something unpleasant

    ①Not a man was spared. 无人得以幸免。

    ②Luckily, I was spared the embarrassment of having to play the guitar in front of everyone, for I am not good at it. 幸运的是,我躲过了在大家面前弹吉他的尴尬,因为我根本不怎么会。

    ③It was a serious accident – but I’ll spare you (= I won’t tell you) the gruesome details.那是一起严重的事故——我就不跟你讲那些令人毛骨悚然的细节了。

    5. spare简普的

    Inside, the two small rooms were spare and neat, stripped bare of ornaments.进去以后是两个简单而整洁的小房间,朴实无华,没有什么装饰。


    Ⅲ. 常用spare惯用语idiom

    1. go spare (惯用语)很恼火,很生气, to get very upset or angry

    She goes spare if I’m so much as five minutes late. 如果我迟到5分钟,她就会很生气。

    2. spare no effort/expense v. TRY HARD 努力尝试,不遗余力/不惜工本 to use a lot of effort, expense (= money) etc. to do something

    [spare + 动词不定式to infinitive]

    1. We will spare no effort to find out who did this. 我们会不遗余力,一定查出是谁做了这件事。
    2. The government is determined to spare no effort in investigating this case thoroughly政府决定不遗余力地彻底调查这个案子。


    1. We should spare no efforts to further your interests.我们应该不遗余力的争取你的利益。
    2. I shall spare no effort to help you realize the accomplishment of your objectives.我将不遗余力地帮助你实现你的目标。

    3. not spare 竭尽全力,全力以赴 to try as hard as you can to achieve something

    She never spared herself in the pursuit of excellence. 她竭尽全力追求卓越。

    4. spare a thought for sb替(某人)着想,to think about someone who is in a difficult or unpleasant situation

    Spare a thought for me tomorrow, when you’re lying on a beach, because I’ll still be here in the hospital. 明天你躺在海滩上的时候,替我想想吧,因为我还在这里住院呢。

    5. spare sb’s blushes 不使(某人)脸红,避免让(某人)难为情, humorous to avoid making someone feel embarrassed

    ①Spare the rod and spoil the child. 谚语 saying, said to mean that if you do not punish a child when it does something wrong, it will not learn what is right 孩子不打不成器。 愛之深,責之切。

    ②Age does not spare people, season does not spare days.年纪不饶人,节令不饶天。

    ③spare sb’s feelings不惹某人难受;避免触及某人的痛处to be careful not to do or say anything that might upset sb



    1. You’d better keep a spare pair of glasses accessible in case your main pair is broken or lost.你最好准备一副备用眼镜,以防常用的那副眼镜打碎或者丢失。
    2. We don’t have a lot of spare cash.他们没有多少闲钱。
    3. You got here with ninety seconds to spare yesterday.昨天你到这里的时候还剩90秒钟时间。
    4. She was thin and spare, with a sharply intelligent face.她又高又瘦,一副精明过人的模样。
    5. I wanted to spare her the embarrassment of discussing this subject.讨论这个话题太尴尬,我不想让她难堪。
    6. Don’t forget to take a few spare batteries. 别忘了带上几节备用电池。
    7. He could have taken a spare key. 他本该带上一把备用钥匙的。
    8. There was hardly a spare inch of space to be found. 几乎找不到一丁点空余的地方。
    9. He suggested that his country could not spare the troops for such an operation.他暗示说他的国家无法抽调军队参与这样的行动。
    10. The Northern part of the town was largely spared from the flood.城北的大部分地区逃过了这场洪水。

    Ⅴ. 总结spare高频考点梳理

    1. 常考点一: 基本词义spare常用“抽出,让给,分出,匀出,腾出”词义,指把有多余的某物让给别人,或留出、抽出时间做某事。
    2. 常考点二: 基本词义spare的基本意思是“多余的,备用的”,指剩下的、空闲的或暂时不用的东西,放置起来以便以后拿来使用
    3. 常考点三: 基本词义spare的基本意思是“节省,节约,舍不得,吝惜”,引申还可表示“珍惜”。
    4. 常考点四: 熟词生义spare可表示“省去,免除”,指免除或使不受痛苦,引申为“饶恕,赦免,不伤害”。
    5. 常考点五: 熟词生义spare可作“薄弱的,瘦的”解,指物时表示少量的,粗糙的,指人时表示健美感的瘦。
    6. 常考点六:习惯用语spare no effort/expense v. TRY HARD 努力尝试,不遗余力
    7. 常考点七:习惯用语spare oneself意为“偷懒,不努力”,,常用于否定形式,含义指吝惜花出的力量,对自己不严格要求。
    8. 常考点八: 习惯用语not spare 竭尽全力,全力以赴。
    9. 常考点九: 习惯用语go spare (惯用语)很恼火,很生气。
    10. 常考点十:习惯用语spare a thought for sb替(某人)着想。
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